Deals, steals, and thoughts.

These are all phrases and sayings that we’ve heard at some point, whether it is from our own kids or from other kids on the playground. Whichever the case might be, it doesn’t make for positive interaction between our children. Social skills group at Pediatric Therapy Associates targets children developing the skills they need to make friends and have positive social interactions.
While we might understand our children and know how to react to them, others might not be so savvy. Here are a couple of things some parents have shared as they’ve come across others that might not understand their child so well:
  • People don’t need to feel awkward when they’re around my child.
  • Not all autism is the same.
  • People seem to think that because my child isn’t like the one single other person they Toddler Playgroupknow on the spectrum, that he must not be autistic.
  • These kids love. They need love. They are wonderful and bring enormous joy and laughter to those who love them.
  • Knowing one child with autism doesn’t mean anything really – they’re all so different.
  • Kids with special needs are smart. Talented. Creative, and thoughtful. It may not be obvious all the time – their minds work differently.
  • Please accept our kids the way that you assume we will accept yours
Led by our speech and language pathologist, our social skills group aims to develop and improve pragmatic and social language skills, social competence, and positive social interactions with peers.  This program helps with basic conversation skills such as making eye contact, taking turns, and following directions, but also takes into account more detailed skills such as recognizing verbal and nonverbal social cues, predicting social responses, and initiating and maintaining conversation topics.  Along with acquiring these skills, children will also benefit from enjoyable activities, building friendships, and increasing confidence and self-esteem so that they enhance their abilities to participate in more social and community activities.
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