Enjoy Fall with some programs for ya’ll!

Programs in Autumn will make you want ’em!
Pediatric Therapy Associates hopes that you all had an exciting and safe Halloween! We would also like to take this time to talk a bit about our upcoming programs and groups. We are currently taking sign-ups for our social skills class, which helps children interact and engage with other kids their age while working alongside a speech and language pathologist. Together, children will work towards goals set by our pathologist in a group setting, along with individual goals created based on observations and informal assessments. This is a great chance for kids to work together as a group based on their similarities and interests to ensure that there’s a good dynamic.
For now, here are a couple of tips for helping your child come out of their shell:
  • Be aware of the personal space of others and learn not to invade it.
  • Practice making and maintaining eye contact during conversations.
  • Pay attention during conversations. Don’t let your mind wander or daydream.
  • Learn how (and when) to begin and end a conversation politely.
  • Try not to monopolize the discussion. Remember, a dialogue is at least two-sided, so allow the other person (or people) to speak their mind (or minds).
  • Engage in self-monitoring—that is, adapt your behavior to reflect the social situation at hand. When you are with friends, feel free to let loose and act more relaxed and playful. At school, be attentive and responsive.
  • Think twice before speaking to avoid inappropriate comments.
  • Patience is a virtue. Allow others to finish speaking before you begin to talk. You wouldn’t want someone to interrupt your train of thought, would you?
  • Always be courteous—say please and thank you.
Remind your child that practice makes perfect. The more you socialize the more confident you will become in social situations. And, make an effort to praise your child when he or she is being socially proper and is clearly striving to make a change in behavior.

iLs Group therapy is enrolling NOW for only $99!
Want to give your child the gift of fun and inclusion this season? Pediatric Therapy Associates is proud to offer a 4-week group therapy plan that has been proven to be successful time and time again in our clinic. Children will have the chance to work on coordination, improve social skills, and work on personalized goals all while interacting with their peers! Call (909) 606-0886 or email now Consult@TherapyPediatric.com for more information.

Social Skills to beat the chills!
Along with our successful iLs program, Pediatric Therapy Associates is excited to announce that we are offering a social skills workshop for children and families! Led by speech and language pathologists, our social skills program helps children develop personal skills, role-playing situations, positive social interaction with other children, social competence and emotional recognition. You don’t want to miss out on this great program.
Our social skills program is enrolling NOW for only $99 for a 4-week session. Call (909) 606-0886 or email Consult@TherapyPediatric.com for more information.


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