FREE iLs Information class you don’t want to pass!

We are hosting a FREE introductory class on Thursday, Dec 4 at 4:00pm so families and children have an opportunity to learn more about the class and also speak directly to instructor Dr. Lalani.

Integrated Listening group uses Integrated Listening Systems (iLs) and Brain Gym exercises to improve brain function and learning ability. It is designed for all children and especially beneficial for children with learning, attention or behavioral challenges. Group is most appropriate for children ages 2-14 years.

Integrated Listening Systems programs effectively ‘re-train’ parts of the brain involved in learning, communicating and moving. Combining an auditory program with specific visual and balance activities, iLs strengthens neurological pathways and improves our ability to learn and to process information. More information at

About Our Instructor: Dr. Lalani is a pediatrician and an iLs practitioner. She holds her medical degree from University of Bangalore, India and her Masters in Public Health in Maternal and Child Health from the University of Alabama at Birmingham. She shares a passion for child development and well-being.

Sign up for FREE introductory class on Thursday, Dec 4 at 4:00pm. Just email
Enrolling NOW for new session beginning Dec 11. Class fee is $99 for 4 weeks.

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