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Sometimes it comes when you get the birth announcement-that elation, the sheer joy of welcoming the new baby. The little miracle! Kids fill our hearts with joy. They become a cause to celebrate. We are delighted watching their giggles and silly grins. Then we long to watch them take the first step, speak those first words, make those first scribbles.

What happens though if waiting gets too long. Should we despair, or tell ourselves that he is just a bit lazy? When a gentle tickle or a light touch isn’t received with a smile but felt misery. When silly faces don’t imitate silly faces. When there are no imaginary friends but just solitary play in circles. When clothing feels strange, sitting upright too hard and tying shoe lace or bow tie seems as fanciful as flying like a bird?

Children who have difficulty in these areas often benefit from Occupational Therapy. Occupational Therapists assess the underlying causes and promote development and independence through the use of skilled techniques. Children learn and develop their skills in interactive and fun ways, often through creative use of play.

Some children, despite of average or above average intelligence have subtle difficulties with sensory processing, coordination, handwriting, postural security. Occupational Therapist with background in Sensory Integration can provide solutions and help optimize the child’s potential. The important first step is to express your concerns and determine if Occupational Therapy is right for your child.

Pediatric Occupational Therapy offers a broad range of evaluation, treatment and consultation services. We serve children from birth to sixteen with behavioral challenges, developmental differences such as gross and fine motor delays, difficulty attending, perceptual impairments and dyspraxia. We are certified in SIPT (Sensory Integration and Praxis Test) SIPT which is the “gold standard” in sensory integration evaluations and is the most well-known and comprehensive standardized assessment of sensory processing. Sensory diets and home programs are prepared to supplement your child’s needs.

HarshaHarsha Rana OTR/L, MBA, Certified in SIPT. Pediatric Occupational Therapy,, 888-298-0347

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