New, exciting groups coming soon!

iLs Group therapy is enrolling NOW for only $99!
Want to give your child the gift of fun and inclusion this season? Pediatric Therapy Associates is proud to offer a 4-week group therapy plan that has been proven to be successful time and time again in our clinic. Children will have the chance to work on coordination, improve social skills, and work on personalized goals all while interacting with their peers! Call (909) 606-0886 or email now for more information.

Social Skills to beat the chills!
Along with our successful iLs program, Pediatric Therapy Associates is excited to announce that we are offering a social skills workshop for children and families! Led by speech and language pathologists, our social skills program helps children develop personal skills, role-playing situations, positive social interaction with other children, social competence and emotional recognition. You don’t want to miss out on this great program.
Our social skills program is enrolling NOW for only $99 for a 4-week session. Call (909) 606-0886 or email for more information.

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