St. Patrick is green, let your creations be seen!

Pediatric Therapy Associates would like to wish you a very happy, safe, and fun St. Patrick’s Day today! With all the festivities and commotion on this day, we have found some activities for you and your family to to that are not only fun, but also work on various motor and sensory skills! Try them out for yourselves and spread the cheer.

Shamrock Maze

Help the leprechaun get to his pot of gold! Ask for a parent’s permission to print out the maze. Who can solve the maze the fastest?

clovermazePaper Plate Leprechaun Craft

Materials Needed:    mplateleprechaun2


  • paper plate,
  • Optional:  pink, light green or light orange paint and paint brush.
  • scissors,
  • glue,
  • black marker
  • Construction paper (green, black and orange).
  • Optional:  You can substitute large wiggly eyes instead of making paper eyes.
  • Optional FOR MASK:  paint stir stick, thin strip of wood or tongue depressor.

Screen Shot 2015-03-16 at 7.31.01 PM

Screen Shot 2015-03-16 at 7.31.34 PMBe sure to be careful with any scissors or other sharp objects. Don’t forget to have fun!



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