Want the best? Try iLs!

Pediatric Therapy Associates proudly integrates the iLs system into therapy!

The Integrated Listening Systems (iLs) is a therapeutic training device that relies on the user’s auditory, visual, and tactile systems to improve brain functioning. The iLs system helps “retrain” parts of the brain that are involved with communicating, moving, and learning. In combination with physical, visual, and tactile stimuli, the iLs system works to improve neurological pathways that aid in learning and processing information.

This system training is based on the principle of neuroplasticity, which is the notion that the brain is able to change in response to a variety of stimuli. iLs programs utilize this principle by providing the user with gentle and simple stimulation in order to activate their neural pathways, which are responsible for processing sensory information. With continued use and training, the neuronal connections in these pathways are strengthened and new connections are created through repeated sessions of multi-sensory stimuli. Children are ideal users for this system due to the brain’s sponge-like affinity for learning and laying down the building blocks for motor development.

How iLs helps students, teachers, and schools achieve goals:

Helping the student

The primary goal is to educate the struggling student. iLs does this by improving their ability to learn and succeed in a classroom environment, i.e. improving their ability to process information, attend to tasks, and behave appropriately.

Measure Results

The iLs student assessment aligns with IEP goals to measure success at the individual, school, and district level. The assessments are uniquely adapted for effectiveness,in both private and public schools, able to be tracked over time, with graph reports in specific performance areas.

Reduce classroom and teacher stress

iLs is a neurological exercise which has both an immediate (de-stress) and long-term effect on the nervous system; it relaxes students while reducing classroom stress and teacher fatigue.

Reduce school and district costs

At a time when costs are a serious concern, iLs helps reduce special ed costs in specific ways: reducing the number of aids and specialists needed, increasing retention of special ed staff, minimizing therapy load for the school.

Interested? Pediatric Therapy Associates is enrolling now for ONLY $99 for a 4 week program. Contact us at (909) 606-0886 orĀ Consult@TherapyPediatric.com for more information.

*Information taken from iLs website.

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