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On-Demand webinar with Dr. Jean Blosser, CCC-SLP, Ed.D., ASHA Fellow, NAP Distinguished Fellow President, Creative Strategies for Special Education

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Course Description

The roles and responsibilities of SLPs, OTs, PTs, educators, and administrators have changed greatly over the last several decades. Evolution will continue as our understanding of the needs of children with disabilities expands; as the impact of impairments on learning performance is more clearly defined; and as methods for delivering intervention services improve. While school-based SLPs, OTs, PTs, and BCBAs still function as specialists, we can no longer implement our programs in isolation from the rest of the education system. Our intervention services must be effective and an integral part of the total educational program for students with disabilities. This webinar discussion brings a fresh approach to thinking about school-based intervention services. Ten critical signs (characteristics) of quality and effective service delivery programs are defined and briefly discussed. Participants are invited to consider each characteristic from the perspective of their own discipline, role, school organization, population, goals, and service delivery program. Join us and take your first step by forming an action plan for analyzing and strengthening your own program.

Learning Objectives

Participants will be able to:

  • Define 10 characteristics of effective, school-based intervention services.
  • Identify the strength of those characteristics in their own program.
  • Create an action plan for building a quality program.

Target Audience

Physical Therapists/ Physical Therapy Assistants, Occupational Therapists/ Occupational Therapy Assistants, Speech Therapists/ Speech Therapy Assistants, Special education teachers/Education Specialists, Psychologists/Mental Health Professionals, Behavioral Therapists/Behavioral Professionals, Administrators

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Time Ordered Agenda

3:00- 3:10: Introduction, session topic, learner outcomes

3:10- 3:40 : Define 10 characteristics of a quality program Implementing your personal action plan Participants are invited to share examples and pose questions for discussion.

3:40- 4:00 : Q & A / Wrap Up

Meet The Speaker

Jean is a national expert and leader in school special education and speech-language pathology service delivery. She is passionate about creating systems and practices in schools that focus on providing educationally relevant services by linking intervention to school success and partnering with our education partners and students’ families. To Jean, Collaboration is Essential!  She is author of Speech-Language Pathology in Schools: Organization and Service Delivery (6th Ed., 2021, Plural Publishing) and Pediatric Brain Injury: Proactive Intervention (3rd Ed, 2021, Plural Publishing). She has created numerous parent-friendly resources including Let’s Talk Today! A Calendar of Daily Activities for Teaching Language Skills at Home! and Let’s Celebrate and Learn Each Day!. Jean provides professional development seminars and consults with schools, organizations, and businesses that work with schools to improve quality of services. Her career path has been wide and varied, including: school-based SLP; university clinical supervisor, professor, department chair, associate provost, dean, and VP of Therapy Programs and Quality for a national education solutions company.

Financial Dislosure

Jean is receiving a speaking fee from ReadySetConnect. She also receives royalties from Plural Publishing for her books: Speech-Language Pathology in Schools: Organization and Service Delivery (6th Ed., 2021) and Pediatric Brain Injury: Proactive Intervention (3rd Ed, 2021). She is President of Creative Strategies for Special Education and receives fees for consulting with schools, businesses, and professional organizations.

Non - Financial Dislosure

Jean is a member of American Speech-Language Hearing Association (ASHA) and National Academies of Practice (NAP).

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