Autism & Echolalia:

Pronouns, Questions And Conversations

Live webinar with Elizabeth Ives Field, CCC-SLP

Thursday, October 6 2022 at 2 PM Pacific time

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Course Description

This webinar uses description, videos and discussion to address several communication difficulties common among echolalic autistic children. Following a brief overview of echolalia and some earlier communication interventions, the webinar will focus mainly on specific ways to help echolalic learners to:

  • Use “I/me/my” for self-reference
  • Answer and ask Wh and yes/no questions
  • Engage effectively in conversation

Learning Objectives

Participants will be able to:

  • Describe a functional communication process for increasing self-generated language while decreasing echolalia
  • Explain the use of language modeling to decrease pronoun reversal and establish use of “I/me/my” for self-reference
  • List three activities for teaching echolalic children to answer or ask questions.

This event is offered for 1 contact hour or 0.1  ASHA CEUs at an introductory level professional area. Course completion is dependent on full attendance for 1 hour and survey completion

Target Audience

Speech Language Pathologists and Assistants, Occupational Therapists and Assistants, Special Educators, Teachers and Teachers of the Visually Impaired, Parents

Provider : ReadySetConnect

Financial Disclosure

ReadySetConnect collects fee from the audience to participate in this training webinar

Financial Disclosure

Non - Financial Disclosure

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Time Ordered Agenda

2:00- 2:05 : Welcome and introduction, disclosures, polls, and brief coverage of: the basis of echolalia

2:05- 2:15 : Useful evidence-based practices, therapy done prior to interventions presented today, language modeling, and relevant terms (semantic/syntactic, gestalt/analytic, form and function)

2:30- 2:40 : Making choices; answering and asking Wh questions

2:40- 2:50 : Yes/ No questions; building conversation

2:50- 3:00 : Discussion and Q and A with participants (or preview of later communication issues of autism)

Meet The Speaker

Elizabeth, also known as Betsey, is the author of Building Communication and Independence for Children Across the Autism Spectrum: Strategies to Address Minimal Language, Echolalia and Behavior (2021) London, Jessica Kingsley Publishers. She is currently writing a book of narrative nonfiction about the intersection of autism and anxiety.

She has provided speech/language therapy and communication/behavioral consultation to autism families and educators for over 40 years to improve communication and interactions in schools and homes. She has presented at national and regional conferences on topics of autism, communication and sometimes, blindness. She has a particular interest in, and considerable experience with, echolalia and autism in both sighted and blind/visually impaired children.

Financial Dislosure

She receives royalties from her book Building Communication and Independence for Children Across the Autism Spectrum: Strategies to Address Minimal Language, Echolalia and Behavior which is published by Jessica Kingsley Publishers. She is receiving a speaking fee from ReadySetConnect.

Non - Financial Dislosure

Elizabeth is a member of the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) and Maine Speech Language Hearing Association (MSLHA).

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