Supervising Graduate Students

In Speech Language Pathology

On-Demand webinar with Kari Lim, M.S., CCC-SLP & Laura Barrett M.S., CCC-SLP

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Course Description

This intermediate-level course is designed for SLPs who supervise or are interested in supervising undergraduate and graduate student clinicians. The course provides tools and strategies to navigate the complex nature of clinical supervision. This course also gives an overview of ASHA supervisor requirements, giving feedback, and supporting student clinicians.

Learning Objectives

Participants will be able to:

  • List ASHA’s requirements for student clinician supervision, including number of required hours and percentage of direct engagement.
  • Understand the benefits of taking on a student clinician that will support the supervisor, facility, and student.
  • Recognize the 4 stages of competence and how to apply those to supporting each student.
  • Learn ways to set the student up for success in each setting, including understanding Anderson’s Continuum of Supervision and ASHA’s 9 Building Blocks of Supervision.
  • Identify unethical practices of both supervisor and student and how to troubleshoot.
  • Recognize when students require extra support and how to provide it.

Target Audience

Speech Therapists/ Speech Therapy Assistants

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Time Ordered Agenda

1:00- 1:05 : Introduction

1:05- 1:50 : Benefits of clinical supervision

1:15 – 1:25 : Qualities of a good supervisor

1:25 – 1:35 : ASHA supervisory requirements

1:35 – 1:50 : Onboarding student clinicians

1:50- 2:20 : Expanding students’ clinical education

2:20- 2:35 : Giving feedback to student clinicians

2:35- 2:45 : Managing struggling students

2:35- 2:50 : Telesupervision

2:50- 3:00 : Summary, Q&A

Meet The Speakers

Kari Lim (M.S., CCC-SLP)

Kari has been a Speech-Language Pathologist for over 15 years. She has a wide range of clinical experience in various settings, including home health, telehealth, public schools, private practice, hospitals, and academia. She has presented through various conferences, webinars, and podcasts on the topics of: supervision, globalization of SLP, and accent modification.

Kari is passionate about international collaboration and has worked in several capacities with organizations abroad. She has mentored, taught, and supervised students and practitioners in Zambia, Guyana, Ghana, Mexico, Nepal, South Korea, and Cambodia.

Kari specializes in accent modification, public speaking, autism, language development, and international collaboration. Since 2011, she has taught and supervised at the George Washington University in Washington, D.C. She also has a private practice, Global Speech Therapy.

She self-published a book, Speaking With an American Accent: A Guide to General American English Pronunciation, that you can find on Amazon. You can find her on TikTok, Instagram, and Teachers Pay Teachers @Global Speechie.

Financial Dislosure

Kari  receives a salary as a  Speech-Language Pathologist and Clinical Educator at the George Washington University in Washington, D.C. Kari has a private practice, Global Speech. Kari authored Speaking with an American Accent: A Guide to General American English from which she receives royalties. She is receiving a speaking fee from ReadySetConnect.

Non - Financial Dislosure

Kari is a member of the American Speech Language Association and a member of SIG 17 (Global Issues in CSD). She is the past President of the D. C. Speech Language Hearing Association and a past member of the D.C. Audiology and Speech Language Pathology licensing board

Laura Barrett (M.S., CCC-SLP)

Laura Barrett is an ASHA certified Speech-Language Pathologist and Clinical Supervisor at George Washington University, Department of Speech, Language and Hearing Science. She supervises students in their rotations in pediatric speech and language and social communication disorders/Autism and is the coordinator of the pediatric feeding program in the GW Speech and Hearing Center.  

In addition, Laura holds a position as an Adjunct Professor teaching courses in Foundations of Communication and Pediatric Feeding and Swallowing and is part of the externship/outreach team at GWU. 

Laura has presented on the subject of supervision in speech-language pathology for online webinars as well as state conferences. Additionally, she  has presented on the subject of Autism in Beijing and Shanghai, China.

Prior to academia, Laura has over 25 years clinical experience in a variety of settings across the Boston, Northern Virginia, and Washington, D.C. areas to include hospitals, clinics, early intervention, home care, public and private education, and university. Laura is licensed both in Virginia and Washington, DC.

Financial Dislosure

Laura receives a salary as a Speech – Language Pathologist  and Clinical Educator at George Washington University in Washington, D.C. She is the coordinator of the Pediatric Feeding Program in the GW Speech and Hearing Center.  Laura also holds a position as an adjunct Professor at G.W. She is receiving a speaking fee from Read Set Connect.

Non - Financial Dislosure

Laura is a member of the American Speech Language Hearing Association and a member of SIG 11 ( Administration and Supervision). She is also a member of the Speech and Hearing Association of Virginia.

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Katie Marcum

Thank you. Was hoping for more on CFy

Ashley Utrup

I have taken other CEU courses and this was similar to other information I've heard. I feel like it's a given to be patient and kind with students.

Brigid Piccolotti

Thank you!

Isabel Iwanonkiw

It met my expectation and exceeded them. I got a lot of good insight to the importance of helping the next generation of SLP's. It was very interesting to hear all the student feedback and how important patience is.

Lynch Gillian

It met my expectations by giving clear instructions on best ways to supervise a student. It was a great CEU that was practical and gave very clear instruction as well as knowledge

Lindsay Burger

Very informative as to how to support students and qualifications I require as a supervisor. thank you so much!

Alyssa Cohen

I enjoyed how the speakers went back and forth as well as how they included opinions from student surveys

Wes Chernin

I didn't have specific expectations aside from covering the program title topic, which was met. Thank you!


This program gave me the tools need to adequately supervise and support students. Thank you so much for your time and sharing your knowledge/experience!

Jessica Hanley

i was looking for introductory guidance to establish a positive supervisory experience - & i feel i got that and more

Nafisa Shehu

Thank you very much for being clear and thorough

Fatima Bullock

The presenters were great! A great value for amount of information received.

Teryl Wood

Supervision models and regulations were addressed. This exceeded my expectations